First Commonwealth Dental Hmo

Has anyone had good experience with the Dental HMO First Commonwealth Insurance?

I'm running into a problem finding cover denstist ready. Especially when my husband has a PPO plan using your primary coverage and ignore secondary coverage. They said that HMO did not meet the fee structure, but refuse to give us children and my husband from the list.

Dental Plans like this can be a real problem. Dentists are paid a fixed price of about $ 4 to $ 6 per month for each individual part. Fortunately, never shown in the office, and keep the money. If they do, the dentist tries to sell additional services that not included in the updated list. Any dentist who is under contract are expected to honor the fee structure – which is what the contract is. However, many HMOs do not pay benefits in the secondary market. Thus, this plan may be a scam. Consider a fall, and work with a health specialist to find a PPO plan that works for you.

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admin posted at 2003-12-18 Category: dental care